30, January 2018

Written by Karan Tupe

With so many events taking place throughout the year, it can be overwhelming to attend each and everyone of them. In order to clear the fog of confusion hovering around the various types of events, Stephen Kim from Bizzaboo has defined various types of events. 

  • Conferences – Conferences are the backbone of the tech events industry and can be both B2C or B2B events. They are held to educate, inform, or train attendees.
  • Trade Shows – Trade shows give companies in a specific industry the opportunity to showcase their products and services. Whereas most conferences are open to the public, trade shows usually require a screening process for buyers, company reps, and press.
  • Summits – Though “summit” can be interchangeable with “conference”, summits tend to be of a smaller size and are comprised of higher-level executives. In other instances, summits function exactly like conferences.
  • Seminars – You can think of seminars as mini conferences that are much smaller in scope and sometimes only last one day.
This post primarily focuses on the various summits happening across Europe. 
Voice represents the next major interface for communication between humans and machines, and a major new client touchpoint for companies.
For two days this summit will bring together the entire voice community for a quality and content driven event, in order to discuss current and future trends, developments and challenges within the industry.
When: 1st and 2nd February
Where: Paris, France
EdTechXEurope is the leading thought leader summit bringing together executive level investors, innovators and industry influencers from European and International education companies. Now in its fifth year, EdTechXEurope 2017 hosted 850+ global attendees and invited over 125+ speakers to showcase EdTech innovations and perspectives from around the world.

When: July 19, 2018

Where: The Brewery, London, UK

3. Vibrant Digital Future Summit:

With over 30 expert speakers delivering talks on topics such as – Business Strategy, Government and Governance, and cyber-security and infosec. Includes speakers from IBM, Microsoft and other leading tech organizations.

When: 31st January, 2018

Where: London, UK

4. Web Summit:

Web Summit has grown to become the “largest technology conference in the world”. Web Summit has grown from 400 attendees to over 60,000 attendees from more than 150 countries. An unrivalled global meeting place for the world’s most disruptive technology companies and those interested in how that disruption can transform their businesses and their lives.

When: November 5-8, 2018

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

5. Dublin Tech Summit:

Dubbed as Europe’s fastest growing tech summit. DTS brings together global leaders in innovation, technology and business to shape the future of global trends and technologies.

When: 18-19 April 2018

Where: Dublin, Ireland

6. Open Network Summit:

Open networking Summit is the industry’s premier open networking event, gathering enterprises, service providers and cloud providers across the ecosystem to share learning, highlight innovation and discuss the future of Open Source Networking, including SDN, NFV, orchestration and the automation of cloud, network, & IoT services.

When: September 25-27th, Amsterdam

Where: Amsterdam,Netherlands

7. Open Source Summit:

Open Source Summit Europe is the leading conference for developers, architects and other technologists – as well as open source community and industry leaders – to collaborate, share information, learn about the the latest technologies and gain a competitive advantage by using innovative open solutions. Over 2,000 are expected to gather for OSSEU in 2018.
When: October 22nd-24th
Where: Edinburgh

8. Service Design Summit:

This summit strives to bring together professionals from service design sector. As both design thinking and service design are in high demand in today’s business world and organizations are investing more and more into delivering better service experiences, to keep their companies ahead of the competition.

When: April 19,20

Where: Prague, Czech Republic

9. Wolves Summit – Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2018

Wolves Summit is a conference where innovation meets business and capital. It’s the 7th edition of the event focused on inspiring, educating, and networking. Wolves Summit is not only a conference for startups, but also for investors, entrepreneurs, corporate representatives and SMBs.

When: April 10-11, 2018

Where: Warsaw, Poland

10. European Startups Summit 

The annual flagship event of EU-startups.com showcases a selection of Europe’s hottest startups. This event brings together entrepreneurs from all over Europe. It even features fireside chats from most successful European entrepreneurs such as Riccardo Zacconi, Morten Lund, Ida Tin just to name a few.

When: April 24

Where: Barcelona, Spain

11. World Summit AI

The summit promises to gather the whole business ecosystem : Enterprise, Startups, Investors and Deep Tech to discuss the future of Artificial Intelligence. In 2017 the summit drew 2873 attendees from 72 countries. In 2018, the summit is expecting a footfall of more than 4500 attendees and 140 of the brightest brains on the stage to tell you everything you need to know about AI.

When: 10-11 October 2018

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

12. European Artificial Intelligence Summit 2018

This event provides key insights into the ethical standards of AI through keynotes, panel discussions and case studies.

When: 5-6th March 2018

Where: London, UK

13. Big Data and Analytics for Pharma Summit

With the advent of big data and analytics in pharmaceutical industry, a plethora of experts offer their knowledge within the space in this evolving sector. You can expect two days of inspiring educational and informative presentations, panel sessions and networking opportunities.

When: March 21 and 22

Where: London, UK

14. Paris Venture Capital World Summit 2018 :

Attendees will be able to learn, debate, invest, and connect with leaders on the future challenges facing Venture Capital and Private Equity in dynamic Markets.

When: 25, April 2018

Where: Paris, France

15. 10th Annual Customer Experience Summit :

This summit promises to answer significant question such as :

  • In what way are omni-channels leveraging and improving the customer experience?
  • Using robotics and AI – what works well and what has to be improved?
  • How to use data silos for managing the analysis that will deliver positive customer experience?

With promising speakers and ample of networking opportunities, this event is definitely a must-go.

When: April 10, 2018

Where: Vienna, Austria

16. Gartner Customer Experience and Technologies Summit 2018 :

This summit is designed for individuals in roles such as customer experience leaders, IT leaders supporting CX initiatives, Customer Data and Analytics Managers and Customer services and support managers.

When: May 24, 2018

Where: London, UK